Catherine Pisaroni


Catherine was born in Austria, but considers the world her home. As the Principal and Founder, her vision and passion for design and creative collaborations have been the foundation for Lenny's Studio from the start. You can usually spot Cate with her trusty MacBook, pink backpack, coffee in hand, and opera dogs Lenny & Tristan at her side ... all ready to take on the world ;)

Email: [email protected]

Jenna Wolf

PR & Marketing

Jenna spent most of her life living in the Upper Midwest, studying music and appreciating art in its many forms. She's now fortunate to take her life (and pets!) on the road, connecting artists and companies with curated and meaningful opportunities to showcase them in their best light. Her enthusiasm for classical music, food, and beauty products is contagious.

Email: [email protected]

Alaric King

Developer & Designer

Al's editing eye and inventive designs are at the core of each and every one of our custom-designed websites. He's always got a smile on his face, or at least it sounds like he does whenever we're on our conference calls! Loves dogs, too (see photographic evidence).

Email: [email protected]

Paul Davis


Paul is the Developer that every company wants on their team. He's dedicated, diligent, and loves dogs. And his last name is Davis! Alliteration FTW. Same goes for Paul.

Han Pilbeam


Han is a graphic designer. She has blue hair. She loves animals. She runs marathons. Can a person get much cooler than this?! We don't think so ...

Email: [email protected]

Irene Grijalvo Tarrés


Irene is a rock star. She works tirelessly to make sure client websites are up-to-date and looking fabulous! She adores her pets (are you sensing a theme, here?) and sometimes breaks away from the computer screen with just enough time to hit up her local farmer's market.

Email: [email protected]

Isabel Gomez


Not only does Isabel wow everyone with her gorgeous soprano voice, but she also brings her creative side to her beautifully crafted written content. Cats are her default pet, but she loves dogs too, and we love her, so it’s a win-win for everyone!

Email: [email protected]

Max Potter

Social Media Manager

Max loves all things eye-catching and vibrant on social media, and is a master of lists, teaching us her magic in being the empress of organization. She's also a mezzo-soprano making it rain, singing epic music with a major stage presence. Power woman!

Email: [email protected]

Leah Johns

Social Media Manager

Leah is a mezzo-soprano, the Queen of @operashenanigans, and an amazing part of our social media team. Her wicked sense of humor keeps us all laughing, and although she doesn’t have her own opera dog (yet!) she provides vital love and support to all of the pooches in the Lenny’s Studio family.

Email: [email protected]

Alexi Latronica


Lexie is a multi-tasker. She somehow juggles all of her responsibilities, including two very active toddlers and her Golden Retriever Valentino, with ease and grace. She's a speed demon on the keyboard and can post site content in a flash. Lexie also wholeheartedly believes in kindness and the power that art has to change people. We adore her.

Lenny & Tristan

Staff Welfare Advisors

Having a "ruff" day? Call these two handsome fellas. We can't guarantee that they'll post your website content or arrange any exclusive interviews on your behalf, but we CAN guarantee they'll make you smile and will probably lick you. Or bark at you. Just depends on whether they like you or not.